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About Us

Call Vertical is a leading expert in designing, implementing and managing strategic partnerships within the global BPO and Call Center industry – with a focus on processes and projects.

By partnering with Outsourcers International our client and partner companies are able to significantly reduce Business Process Outsourcing related costs and increase their focus on core competencies.

We work with our clients to help them maximize their opportunities via strategic partnerships that meet the overall delivery, integration and success objectives. We Select and Manage Best-in-Class Caribbean, Philippine and US Delivery Partners to offer our clients a seamless solution. Our commitment remains active in all facets of our partnerships. No industry has shown more sustained growth over the last decade than the Teleservices industry. This growth infused with the leaps in technology has changed the way companies look, think, and conduct business with current and potential customers. Outsourcing is a market that can be leveraged and utilized in many ways to support your companys mission. The year 2008 shows promise of great opportunity for those correctly targeting certain market niches, providing value added services, and partnering with established companies.

Outsourcers International is a very attractive consulting partner. We are a multi-lingual company, experienced in the migration and implementation of traditional outbound sales programs, Inbound customer service, Help Desk, and Email response campaigns. We have
helped our clients launch 15 call centers in the last five years and have turned around many more.

Our highly trained and experienced management staff is led by our dynamic, culturally diverse executive team that will support your business.

Team Overview

BPO/Call Center Industry Experts

Our Leadership team Members Experience includes direct involvement in Call Center/BPO Industry from 1991 and Offshore BPO industry experience since 1999. We have completed several significant BPO Placement and Strategic Venture – Merger and Acquisition Initiatives between US Entities and Offshore Partners.

We ensure all offshore sourcing activities perform in a seamless manner with other business processes and provide continuity of established service and quality parameters for offshore and US operational functions.

Our experienced team will minimize / eliminate risks associated with moving work offshore while reducing disruptions in your current operations. 

Our migration model is scalable to your business requirements.

Not sure about what service you need? We will be happy to assist you.


To learn more about what we are and what we do, here are some Frequently Asked Questions for you.

What BPO services does Call Vertical provide?

Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center
Virtual Staffing
Human Resource
Accounting Services
Real Estate Purchase and Management
Web and Mobile Development/Programming

Who is my contact at Call Vertical during the project? Can I contact the project manager directly?

Call Vertical’s business development, client services and project managers, serve as your direct points of contact during the project, and support is available 24/7. Our team of managers welcome your calls and seek to make themselves available at times that are convenient for you.

Can we send our own team members to oversee the project or training?

Yes. While we are totally confident about our processes and project management – and believe you will be too – you are welcome to send members of your team to in any of our operating locations to conduct the training and/or help oversee the project.

Will we have the ability to control how the project proceeds and make adjustments during its course?

Absolutely. We are a part of your team, working under your ultimate direction, and will carry out the work in whatever order or manner you wish.

What are Call Vertical's rates?

Call Vertical’s hourly rates vary based on the nature of the project, but offer substantial savings over onshore alternatives. Upon request, Call Vertical will provide you with a quote detailing the hourly rate for your project. We can also provide you with a preliminary estimate of total project cost once we are provided with sufficient details about the project.

Will Call Vertical provide alternative fee arrangements?

For other projects, Call Vertical can provide per document or per gigabyte pricing upon request. For other projects, billing is most commonly by the hour, and we are also open to discussing alternative fee arrangements.

What is included in Call Vertical's rates? Do we have to pay extra for the project managers or office space?

The rate that you are quoted is the fully loaded cost. You are only charged at the agreed-upon hourly rate for the time worked by our staff and service consultants. There are also no additional charges for items such as computers, internet access, or office space.

How does Call Vertical communicate to us about any questions that arise during the project?

The project managers will email you any questions that arise during the project and you can respond via email or conference call, whichever is easier for you. All questions and answers will be memorialized in a query log, and the project or review protocol will be updated as needed. This method ensures that all changes are recorded and carried out universally. The project managers will also be available through skype or any other communication platform agreed to be used with every client.

Does Call Vertical perform background checks?

Before beginning work at Call Vertical, all of our employees undergo background checks from both the local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We also check references and verify all transcripts and bar admission information.

How do I know that the information I provide Call Vertical is secure?

Call Vertical’s offices are in a Class A international office buildings. There are 24-hour security guards and all employees are required to show company identification and be physically searched before entering the building. Call Vertical’s offices also have biometric access controls to ensure their security. Call Vertical also emphasizes data security within our office. We disable any computer printing capabilities and limit our staff’s access to outside devices. We also have the ability to both whitelist and blacklist websites, such that we can control the websites our employees are able to access during the course of a project. We have dedicated line internet access, a backup DSL line, redundant service providers, and back-up power generation.

How do I know that the information I provide Call Vertical is kept confidential?

Call Vertical’s employees have a thorough understanding of, and adhere to, standards for privilege and client confidentiality. They are made to sign confidentiality agreements confirming their understanding and compliance.