The Total Voice Platform Dialer can increase your dials as much as 4 times more than manual dialing.
Whether you are calling businesses or consumers, the TVP dialer will dramatically increase your results!

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  • Power dialer mode
    Gives your agents the ability to dial a list in manual mode without have to push all the buttons. This mode allows you to maximize those expensive leads.
  • Predictive dialing
    This allows you to quickly penetrate those large leads files and manage the data. Our platform is designed to meet the heavy load of dialing multiple lines and increasing you contacts.
  • Voice blasting
    This feature allows you to send out pre recorded messages to your lead base and gives them an option to push a button and speak with a live agent.
  • Inbound customer service and sales
    Your agents will be able to receive inbound customer service and sales calls, while your supervisor manage the call queue.
  • Inbound IVRs
  • Digital Voice Recording
    All of your calls, whether inbound or outbound can be recorded, sorted and stored. Our platform has the ability to record the entire call or just the disclosure depending on your needs.
  • Live monitoring
    This feature allows your management staff the ability to listen to your agents calls to ensure quality standards are being followed and to provide effective feedback to your agents.
  • Custom reports
    Your supervisors, QA, and managers will be able to pull and review many reports indicating agent performance vs. campaign goals. SPH, CPH, DPH, etc. will be at your fingertips.
  • Barging
    Our platform is so flexible, your supervisor can even take over an agent call with the click of a button and help the agent close the deal or service the customer.


The Total Voice feature rich Platform offers multiple solutions for your ever growing business needs. We can custom designed any number of functions that fit the immediate requirements of your business.

Benefits of Total Voice Platform
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  • Agents and Managers Work Virtually Anywhere
    Expand your hosted call center workforce to a broader pool of skilled agents. At home or remote agents widens your labor pool well beyond the confines of a geographic region.
  • Minimize Capital Investments
    With TVP Hosted Call Center's Pay-As-You-Go pricing model customers pay a monthly service fee per agent with only a one month commitment.
  • Save Money
    We have taken the burden of the infrastructure and support costs giving you the ability to focus on your business.
  • Increase Productivity
    Increase your outbound call center contact rates by over 300%.
  • Campaign Management
    Manage multiple simultaneous outbound, inbound and blended campaigns for your hosted call center. You can start and stop campaigns and assign or remove agents real time.
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance
    FCC, FTC, FCDPA, and DNC regulations must be managed, even with a hosted call center; We provide all the tools you need to manage customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance for your hosted call center.
  • Rapid Implementation
    Begin working quickly! Very little setup is required and with our intuitive web based applications training is done quickly.
  • Accurate Reporting
    TVP comes with most major reports to help you manage your hosted call center. These reports can be exported to .pdf, XML or Excel.

TVP is what we call a SAFE solution for your business.

The Total Voice Platform is what we call a SAFE solution for your business.

S – simple to start
A – affordable for small businesses
F – flexible in system design
E – expandable to enterprise level